Talk N Text Express Pasaload and How to ask for Load

Talk N Text Express Pasaload is the most generous moves from Talk N Text and Smart included we all Smart and TNT are partners. Now we can enjoy a bit of conversation by asking load to your friends and love ones working in Saudi or Malaysia. Thinking how to ask for a load here is the procedure below just follow it carefully.

Talk n Text Ticket Load On The GO

Good news Talk n Text user!! TNT  invented another useful promo, The Ticket Load promo gives you chances to load everywhere anytime without hassle. For only P10 you are assure for your safety in case

Smartalk 500 [TALK500] unlimited calls to all Smart

     Looking for nonstop talking with your friends or to your love ones and want to make unlimited calls to all Smart networks that will last for 30 days.So now let's see how to register on this Smartalk500 promo

Smart Trinet Promos - TRI-NET 200 and TRI-NET 400

   Looks like a lot of us willing to try this Smart Promo Trinet series of load and get unlimited calls and texts to Smart, Sun and TNT plus internet access to your mobile. For those Smart users out there looking for

Smart Promo Trinet 40 Unlimited calls and texts to Smart, Sun and TNT

Smart Trinet 40 Promo  
    Smart introduces another series of Trinet Promo but this one is Smart Trinet Unli 40 which offers Unlimited calls and texts to Smart, Sun and TNT plus unlimited facebook to browse by a Facebook mobile

Smart Trinet Promo - TriNet 30

   TRINET 30 Smart Promo you can get 200 texts to all networks plus 50 consumable calling minutes Smart/TNT/Sun and 10MB mobile internet. On this promo text transactions may be sent to Smart, Talk ‘N

Smart Call and Text Promo TOTAL 20

Total 20 Call and Text Promo 
     If you want to try the affordable SMART Promos try TOTAL20 call and text promo. On the said promo you can get unlimited texts to Smart, Sun and Talk N' Text for only P20 plus 20 minutes of tri-net

Smart Trinet Promo - TriNet 15

    A great way to give back to all loyal Smart users as Smart Trinet Promo giving a different offers that will truly usable. For now lets see  what offers this Trinet 15 smart promo will give to us. As stated from Smart

Smart Call and Text Promo - Lahatxt 20 (L20) and 30 (L30)

     Smart have Call and Text Promo also which is divided into two category which are Lahatxt 20 and Lahatxt 30. For Lahatxt 20 get 250 SMS to all networks and enjoy 10 minutes of calls good for 1 day and

Talk n Text Internet Promo - Pisonet Sampler [SAMPLE]

     Here is the newest Talk n Text Internet Promo the Pisonet Sampler with this promo you can enjoy 5 hours of internet connection within 2 days for only P1.00. Ins't affordable, so what are you waiting for stay connected to your friends wherever you are.